Monday, January 12, 2015

MEN WHO GO MONDAY spotlight: Shan Edmonds

Shan Edmonds is currently a senior in high school and was adopted just before he aged out. His biological parents both passed away within years of each other of illness and Shan eventually went to an orphanage. He was adopted by the Edmonds family and now goes to serve the least of these in Fushun. Shan is an absolute gift on this trip and does whatever he can to build relationships with the kids and his teammates. He's walked in their shoes, he speaks their language, he gets it. Going back is just not a question for him. The past two years that he has signed up to go his mom has made pies to help pay his way and both trips his account is paid for long before we leave. Shan and his family are a sight to behold. We are blessed to have him on our team.

Submitted by team leader Lori McMurphy

To join the Fushun Team in 2015, go here to read about the trip and sign up!

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