Monday, January 5, 2015

MEN WHO GO MONDAY spotlight: James Lawrence and his sons

We are starting a new Monday theme today! In honor of all the men who have answered the call to visit the fatherless, and in hopes that it will encourage other men to go, we are starting MEN WHO GO MONDAYS: James Lawrence travelled to Ethiopia and Rwanda with his 2 sons Chris and Cameron in December, 2011 along with their mom Elaina. It sure was great to have some guys to haul 25 and 50 pound bags of rice up the hill to Kimisagara Orphanage and we had some killer football and soccer games too; but more than that, the young men at the orphanages we visited, young men with very few positive male role models, were able to connect with men on our team. One of our favorite memories was seeing James, at every place we visited, talking with the older boys about their hopes and dreams and fears and being able to encourage them as they faced their future. We need more fathers and sons and brothers and men to go. be. love. Is God calling you to go in 2015?

photo credits to Wynne Elder and Alison Holcomb

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