Monday, December 15, 2014

MINISTRY MONDAY spotlight: Bringing Christmas to Orphans in Ecuador through Contigo

Our partner ministry Contigo Ecuador is raising money to have 13 Christmas parties for the kids at the orphanages they work with in Ecuador. The parties consist of giving approximately 25 orphans a lovely Turkey dinner, a brand new pair of shoes, and new socks. Cost of sponsorship for one orphanage is $600. All it takes is a generous heart and a little time talking to your friends, so that 25 kids who have next to nothing will get new shoes, new socks and a beautiful Christmas party. Visiting Orphans would like to raise the funds to cover at least 4 of these parties. Can you help us help them by donating? Please give and help us spread the word so we can meet this goal and help our partners in Ecuador make this a wonderful Christmas for some very special little ones. 
To give, go to our donate page and choose "Help Bring Christmas to Orphans in Ecuador" from the pull-down menu and we will know where to apply the funds. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

#GivingTuesday - Testimonies from Our Thanksgiving Mission Trips

This year, we had 3 teams out over Thanksgiving. They gave of their time, energy and money to go serve. Not to mention they gave up time with family and friends at home to be away at Thanksgiving. They served and loved beautifully and we are so thankful for each person who went to Ecuador, Costa Rica and Uganda this Thanksgiving! Here are a few testimonies from their trips:

This year I was able to make the trip to Limon with my 14 year old daughter. Being able to be there and see God work in my life and hers through the precious little ones was a blessing beyond belief. I will treasure our time there and part of my heart will never leave there. God was present each and every moment and we are forever changed.
- Amy Wallace, Thanksgiving 2014 Costa Rica Team Member

We can't show the faces of the children in Costa Rica but here's a few shots of their pool day with the team!

This was my second trip to Ecuador and definitely not my last. This country and the orphans in it, have a special place in my heart. It was fun to reunite with the missionaries there and the children that their ministry serves. A lot of these children were familiar faces and I could see God growing in them. I left this time with more peace than I did the last trip. I saw growth not only in the children, but also in the workers and the way they cared for the children. There was also improvement in some of the facilities. This was encouraging to see how God is providing for these sweet people. One of my favorite parts was bringing a tree to one of the orphanages and decorating it with their crafts they made with us. The joy on these kids faces to see someone caring about them is indescribable! They yearn to be loved and valued and that is exactly what we did for a week. Through the love of Christ, we showed many orphaned children their value. But for me, it's not just a week thing. I pray for these children often and can't get them out of my mind when I'm back in the States.

It was unique to be there over thanksgiving. I was humbled by how much I have to be thankful for. We happened to visit one of the poorest areas on thanksgiving day, which opened my eyes to how joyful these people were regardless of what little they had. I go to be a blessing, yet I always return feeling blessed as well. I'm already counting down the months until I can return!

- Makenna Rickner, Thanksgiving 2014 Ecuador Team Member

Our Thanksgiving Ecuador team bought and set up a Christmas tree at one of the orphanages

Only a few weeks before departure, our Uganda team leaders asked if it would be possible to add their daughter to the team. Amazingly enough, flights were super cheap which is very unusual this time of year and we were able to get her on the team. And God provided big time so that she was fully funded with time to spare. We'd say He wanted this young lady on this team! We have loved seeing their posts on facebook while they serve in Uganda over Thanksgiving. This one posted by her dad Welch McCollough is our very favorite:)

Seeing Lily Grace love on this girl as she cried in agony while multiple jiggers were removed from her feet at the @solehope outreach house was almost too much for this dad to handle! #Uganda #ZeroJiggers #ProudDad #SoleHope

On this #Giving Tuesday, please share your #UNselfie photos on social media showing why you support Visiting Orphans and help spread the word and encourage others to give. Here is an example - our team leaders with their daughter taken while in Uganda: