Friday, January 23, 2015

FAITHFULNESS FRIDAY: Kayla Cash shares about the Lord's faithfulness

From blog post written by Uganda Team Member Kayla Cash. Original post can be found here

Without you, we are nothing!

Tonight I felt the Lord press upon my heart to write out what He revealed to me today. I searched blog-spot to create a blog to write out what He's spoken to me about. Come to find out, I already had one that I had forgotten about and wow is all I can say in words. I reread what I had written a year ago. The Lord leaves me speechless all the time but this time I'm amazed at all that He's done. A year ago I was on a journey to fulfilling a dream that has been birthed in my heart for a while now. Now a year later in 2015 I can sit here and praise the Lord for keeping his promise. He's always faithful.

He's always faithful.
With that being said,I want to share a glimpse of His goodness with you friends.

This morning, I had the honor of speaking to my church about my trip to Africa. I was reminded of where I was this time last week.
A week ago today I was sitting in a church in the village surrendered by red dirt roads, children everywhere, and people filled with the unspeakable joy that the bible talks about. No one had phones out, nobody cared what time it was, nobody cared that it was hot, nobody cared that the words weren't sang right, and nobody cared that the electricity went out during it all. They never skipped a beat. They continued to praise God through it all. The continued to shout and dance and sing at the top of their lungs to their King that loves them. Their love for the Lord was inspiring. It was humbling to see people who have nothing, give everything of themselves in worship. They showed me what true worship is like. They taught me that the presence of God can manifest anywhere no matter what the circumstances are.

Today, I'm sitting in an American church. I was so excited to share what the Lord had done during my time in Africa. To be honest, my experience in the African church serivce wasn't even on my mind. I didn't plan on talking about nor even thinking about it. It didn't seem that important to me at the time.
BUT GOD, had other plans. I had a video to show all the pictures that I had taken on the trip so that people could see and experience the joy that I did. However, our media wasn't working at all. We waited and waited but still no connection. I had to get up and talk about my trip without relying on the video to cover up most of what I said. I was nervous, then Jesus recalled the memory of being in church a week ago. He reminded me that they didn't have media and they still gave God all the glory!
That's not even the best part. The best part was the fact that we didn't have a worship leader this morning. We worshiped to music off a video. The volume wasn't loud at all and it was awkward at first. I thought to myself, dang, I wanted to really get into worship this morning after being away from my church for so long. I immediately got convicted. The Lord was like my people in Africa didn't need anything, why do you think you do? I began to break under the conviction of the spirit. Most people in the service probably think it was the enemy who tried to attack this morning, but I believe it was the Lord showing me another glimpse of his goodness. Showing me how great He truly is. Showing me that He is worthy of all praise, at all times. I haven't praised the way I did this morning before. I truly was humbled at his power and my heart broke for the American church.

Lord forgive us that we've made church all about us. Catering to our needs. When in reality all we need is our heart to be open and our voices to proclaim your goodness. We don't need media, we don't need music, we don't need a building. All these things are nice, but they don't determined whether we enter your throne room or not. All we need is YOU JESUS. Without you, we are nothing!

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