Monday, October 20, 2014

MINISTRY MONDAY spotlight: Imana Kids Sponsorship Program in Rwanda

This week we want to feature a ministry that was started by a couple that went on a trip with us to Rwanda. Imana Kids was founded by Kara & Ryan Higgins who still lead teams to Rwanda through us and are changing the lives of the children at Kimisagara. To sign up for their next trip, go to their trip page. Watch their latest video below to learn more about Imana Kids and the precious children they serve.

Kimisagara Orphanage is nestled in the hills of Kigali, Rwanda. Imana Kids is a 501(c)(3) created to place the orphans of Kimisagara into boarding schools. Education is one viable solution toward ending the orphan crisis. Visit Imana Kids website at, like them on Facebook at Imana Kids: an Orphan-Care Ministry or follow them on Twitter @imanakids

If you can't see the video below, you can watch it here:

Sponsorship is one way to make a difference in the world.   One child matters.  Sponsorship provides a vulnerable child with the necessary tools to achieve.  Sponsorships are available at four different levels - preschool/daycare, primary, secondary, and university.   Additionally, opportunities to travel to Rwanda each year are available for sponsors to meet their children.

Sponsoring a child age birth to 5 years for daycare/preschool is a $40/month commitment.   Sponsorship will provide three nutritious meals a day, trained nannies/caregivers, and additional supplies for daily living.  It also includes safety improvements to the structure of Kimisagara.

While in Rwanda in September, we attended church of our friend, Pastor Peter and James, our in country staff. During worship, we interacted with three lovely women.  They sat with us, visited and generally made us feel at home.  Later, when we inquired about who they were, James told us that all three women had been baptized the previous week, given their hearts to Christ and turned away from their jobs as prostitutes.  The church members were praying diligently for employment for these ladies so that they could support their children.  We knew that God had already done so; they are now Imana Kids "Aunties," daily feeding, bathing and caring for our little ones. The orphanage is on the bus route from their neighborhood and they can bring their children to work with them.  

Primary and Secondary Students
Sponsoring a child at the primary level (grades 1 to 6) will allow your sponsored child to attend GOOD HARVEST BOARDING SCHOOL.    Good Harvest received national recognition for their academic achievements in the 2012-2013 school year.  The staff at GOOD HARVEST stood out to us; as we visited their classrooms, many of the teachers had children sitting close to them or even on them.  There was a lot of affection demonstrated in the classrooms.

Secondary students will (grades 7 to 12) attend HIGH HILL BOARDING SCHOOL.  In both schools, students will receive 3 nutritious meals a day, a warm and safe place to live, school uniforms and supplies, and an education.    

Both primary and secondary level sponsorship will entail an $85 dollar a month commitment.   Sponsoring an older student involves regular communication through letters and emails.  Sponsors will receive their child's report cards as well.

University Students
We are currently in the process of coordinating the sponsorship program for university students.  If you are interested in knowing more about sponsorship at this level, please let us know.

Prayerfully consider if sponsorship is a commitment you would like to make for 2014.  If so, please complete the information below.    Please indicate what level you are interested in for sponsorship and if you have a preferred gender.  Or, if you do not have a preference, please indicate that at well.

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