Monday, March 5, 2012

Update from our Haiti team

Hello from Haiti!!
written by team leader Emilee Owens

Since we got in late last night we were able to use the computer today. Just wanted to let you know we are here at the orphanage and doing well. Caroline has a bad headache but other than that everyone is doing fine. It is really hot and humid and the sun is quite intense. Our showers are cold so that is one way for us to cool off.

So far the team has been able to sort out our donations, craft supplies and sports equipment this morning. We also got a tour of the campus and met the house mothers, nannies and children that are not at school today. The babies and toddlers have already taken to the team and don't want to be put down. Several of the staff and some of the older kids speak english so we are able to communicate. Right now we have split up into groups to work on different projects they need our help with. The team is busy painting walls, decorating childrens' lockers, cleaning a newly constructed bedroom and sewing curtains. We will work on these projects most of the week, take the toddlers to the beach on Thursday then take two field trips on Saturday: one to a historic fort and one to the beach. The Saturday field trips are reserved for kids who did well with grades this week.

More updates to come after they get home as they will likely not have any further internet access during their time there. Please be praying for them. I can't wait to hear all of their stories!

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