Sunday, March 4, 2012

Haiti Hands & Feet Team

Just heard from our Haiti team leader, Emilee Owens, that the team made it safely to Haiti and is now en route to the orphanage. This team gets to spend the week with Hands & Feet Project loving on some very precious children. While they won't have much internet access to be able to update blogs, etc. - I have no doubt they will have an amazing, life-changing trip. I will post whenever I hear anything from them via text but they might not get to update me very much either. So if you don't hear from them this week, I am quite sure we'll have lots of stories and updates once they get back to a spot with internet. In the meantime, they get to unplug from life back home and GO BE LOVE to the sweet kiddos at Hands & Feet Project.

- written by Autumn Kerr

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