Thursday, March 8, 2012

Haiti earthquake did not affect our team

In case some of you heard about a small earthquake in Port au Prince yesterday, wanted to put your minds at ease that our team in Jacmel is safe and sound. I texted Emilee last night as soon as I heard and I think the team was already asleep. She wrote me on facebook this morning with a brief update:

Good morning Autumn! We are all safe and sound here in Haiti. We actually didn't know about the earthquake until this morning. One of the Hands and Feet staff members is in PAP this morning so he will see if there is any damage to the airport or roads we'll need to use to leave. We are not aware of any damage here in Jacmel or surrounding areas but will let you know if we hear of anything that could impede travel home.

We are having a great time and can't wait to share our stories and pics. Please update the VO blog as family members and friends are following that for team info. Thank you!!

From those I know in PAP, it doesn't sound like the earthquake did much damage so I don't forsee any issues with them getting home. But we will continue to pray and I will update y'all with any news I get.

I cannot wait to hear their stories. Sounds like they are having an amazing time with the kids and staff there.

- Autumn

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  1. Thank God! I thought the tragedy of earthquake that happened a year ago will repeat again. We must always be ready in any situation because we really don't when and where the earthquake will occur.

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