Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Why Go? Wednesday spotlight: Kate Nichols - China team member

"Why go? The bible clearly states to GO, (Acts 1:8, Matthew 28:16-20) so the question more often asked, why go overseas? For me, missions start at home, VBS at my home church is always my favorite time of the year. However, having sisters adopted from China really opened the doors for me to see that kids anywhere are just like kids here, in need of love.

I don't do it because of pity for them. I don't even like to say I do it out of compassion. I do it because I love my God, and therefore love ALL of his children. I promise, if you open up your heart to the least of these, they will fill it in abundance.

Kingdom work= rewarding work! I have been fortunate to go on two VO trips to China. This past summer, I had the blessing of meeting some amazing little boys. Why go? For them."

~Kate Nichols - Fushun, China Team 2014 and Heng Feng, China Team 2012

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