Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Team Leader Tuesday spotlight: Jeanne Page

Jeanne is a wife, a “Mom” to two and a “Grammy” to five, living a sunny southwestern life in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Jeanne has a Bachelor’s degree in Signed Language Interpreting and a Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication, but in recent years has been focused on ministering through music in hospital and hospice situations (playing at the bedside of patients), through children’s music education (in directing several youth acoustic bands), and through performance with her family band throughout the southwest region.
Upon entering her fifth decade of life, she wondered if she would ever fulfill the vision she had of ministering on the mission field. Prayers, dreams and internet surfing led her to the Visiting Orphans website. Over a period of months, Jeanne felt led to take the plunge and sign up to visit Grace So Amazing ministries in Mirebalais, Haiti with VO. That trip was just the first step to a whole new chapter in Jeanne’s life—a chapter in which God is bringing all of those early, varied interests into one focus—and it is a chapter in which God truly broke her heart for the people of Haiti.
Jeanne is brushing off her old signed language skills to work with the Deaf children of Mirebalais, and delights in the culmination of this true intercultural experience. At the same time, the musical experiences of recent years have also influenced her journeys as the children sing and sign joyful praise and the teams worship alongside their Haitian brothers and sisters in the blessed community surrounding Grace So Amazing ministries. Jeanne believes that wherever she is—at home or in Haiti, or beyond, if God wills it—a Heart Song of love for Jesus accompanies her earthly journey.
Jeanne feels truly blessed to serve alongside her team members in Haiti and to Go. Be. Love. She is eternally grateful for the opportunities afforded by Visiting Orphans and believes that the love song born in the hearts of these precious children will one day ring out as the praise song of Haiti. 

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