Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Team Leader Tuesday spotlight: Makenna Rickner

Makenna Rickner traveled with Visiting Orphans to Ecuador in June 2014. She shared with us what God showed her on this trip.

"God brought me to a place of complete brokenness during my trip, but in a very positive, life-changing way. I felt the brokenness that God feels for all of us before we come to know Him as our personal savior. Before coming to Christ, We are all orphans. God loved us so much, He sent His only son to die for us. This trip showed me how emotionally invested God is in all of us and this broken world we live in. He is a caring and compassionate God. From my brokenness, my prayer life and journey in my faith has been challenged and strengthened. Those kids I got to love on are a reminder to me of how real God is and how He is at work all over the world."

Makenna attended the Visiting Orphans Leadership Training this past weekend in Nashville to be equipped to lead future trips with Visiting Orphans. We are excited to see what God has next for this passionate young lady who shares VO's heart to care for the least of these.

To join us on a future trip to Ecuador, check out our website here.

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