Thursday, October 6, 2016

Introducing Project G.P.S.

Introducing Project G.P.S.

Our big news for October is that we are finally launching our new missionary care program, called Project G.P.S. This effort has been in the works all summer and we are thrilled that the time has arrived! In fact, the very first Project GPS parties are happening this week! We couldn't be more excited about this program and as you'll see from the testimonials below, our missionary partners are pretty excited about it too.

Click here or on the image below to watch our brand new video and learn all about how our ministry comes alongside our partner ministries and what Project G.P.S. means to those serving overseas.

These days, VO is becoming about so much more than sending short-term mission teams. Sure, that’s a big part of what we do and we will always send teams to the mission field — but it’s not all we do. At our core, we are about coming alongside long term ministry and missionary efforts. Our job is to hold up their arms and to support them. Project GPS is just one way for us to do that.

So what is Project G.P.S.?
G.P.S. stands for Gathering. Packing. Supporting. It’s a unique way for “senders” and “goers” to work in partnership and it’s simple! People at home sign up to host Project GPS parties and are matched with a VO approved missionary or missionary family. Missionaries provide “wish lists” of the things they need for themselves, their children, and their ministry; these are items that cannot be obtained or are cost prohibitive on the mission field. GPS party attendees shop for wish list items ahead of time then come together to pack a crate, create cards and letters of encouragement, and to pray for the missionary family they’ve been assigned. A traveling VO team member will carry over and deliver the crate on an upcoming trip.

How can YOU get involved?
One of the biggest ways you can get involved is by becoming a monthly supporter. Project G.P.S is just one of many things you'll be supporting when you give to Visiting Orphans. Monthly support currently makes up 10% of our operating budget and truly helps us be able to put the words GO BE LOVE into action around the world. And if you happen to become a monthly supporter before December 10th, you'll get 5 bonus entries into the Mission Trip Giveaway! Another way you can get involved is by hosting a Project G.P.S. Party in your area. To get started on planning your GPS Party, email us at

What missionaries are saying about Project GPS:

“This has to be one of the most thoughtful gestures we’ve ever heard of! THANK YOU for such a thoughtful and generous offer! We would be delighted and honored to be one of your first GPS families! I already have all sorts of things running through my head that would be fun/a blessing to have gathered and packed for us! “
— Tamara Boone, Equip Uganda

"Encouraging long term missionaries helps them to be able to encourage and build up the local people.It’s a neat illustration of the Body of Christ at work. Long term mission work may look glamorous from afar, but the day to day realities we face often leave us tired and discouraged at times. It’s not an easy life by any means! So, I’m very grateful to anyone who wants to provide encouragement in any way and free luggage space is something most missionaries long for!"
— Courtney Wolf, Amazima Ministries

“There is nothing on this list that we cannot live without. But if someone is willing to bring a blessing into our lives, we would be ever so thankful. If I was going to prioritize anything, our kids are surely first for us. They sacrifice so much that they are not even aware of. Christmas, according to my former life, is less commercial but also harder as parents while serving abroad.”
— Chad Neely, Acacia International School


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