Monday, February 18, 2013

an EVERY day kind of LOVE:

Valentine’s Day is over.
the candy has been eaten.  the flowers are wilting. the cards are all on clearance.

So we can go about our day to day lives now that the Day of Love is over, forget about it, and wait anxiously ’til next year, right?


Valentine’s Day is a beautiful symbol of what everyone should be doing every day of their lives.  365 days of loving those you love.  Like Christmas & Easter… it’s a day to reflect on the greatest gift of all:  God’s eternal LOVE for each and every one of us... Love that is for EVERYDAY!
Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us. The ultimate act of Love. He is love. And we get to join in this love and share it with others. It is sacred to share the Love of the Father with the fatherless and the least of these around the world. To be His hands and feet. What a true honor. Regular people - flawed, certainly not perfect. And yet the creator of the universe chooses to use us to reach a lost and hurting world. Humbling. Love.

To all of you who've gotten out of your comfort zone and answered the call to Go.Be.Love to orphans around the world - Thank You.  Thank you for demonstrating love to precious children who so desperately need to experience it. Thank you for supporting Visiting Orphans and advocating for what we do. You are the voice out there sharing the need and telling others to go. You are the reason we continue to exist. We take this calling very seriously and are committed to good stewardship and seeking the Lord in all things.

That's why we firmly believe in honoring the Lord by being good stewards of our finances.  As such, we tithe 10% of all general donations to other ministries.  In addition, last year alone, we were able to send over $65,000 from team member overages to help our ministry and orphanage partners.  Audited by an independent accounting firm and governed by a Board of Directors, we are committed to the highest standards of accountability and we emphasize the importance of being transparent in all we do.

Being able to continue our mission relies heavily on generous support from people like you. People who will go but also who believe in what we do and want to support our ministry financially. No gift is too small. We’re encouraging you to pray about making a general donation this year.  Whether you give monthly or make a one-time contribution - with every contribution you’re able to give, you help us continue to share Jesus in the twelve countries we currently work in.  You’re also helping us expand to new countries, reaching even more precious children with the father’s love.

God gave the most expensive gift ever given.  And He did it because he loved us.

We need your help to share that Story of His Love around the world.
It’s what we’re called to do.

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